Monday, November 21, 2011

Follet eBooks

1. Can you use this library outside of school? Explain
 Yes, because you use it online. So if you have internet you can go online and use it.

2. Is using this site legal in regards to copyright? Why or Why not?
Yes, because on the bottom of the sites page, they have a copyright picture.

3. Identify 2-3 books you might want to read. What makes them something you want to read?
"Paul Bunyan", "Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid", and "Wolf's Coming" because the cover looks interesting.

What I'm Teaching

What are you teaching the students?
I am going to be teaching the students about one of the plate boundaries, convergent boundary.

Where did you find your resources/information?
I found my information from:

What activity are you having the class do?
The activity I'm going to have the class do is create each plate boundary from play-dough.

What vocabulary are you introducing to the class?

The vocabulary I'm introducing is the word convergent.

Setting of a Story

I'm sitting on a hard wooden chair in the middle of the room. The room is dark with no light, empty and sad, no one here but me. A single window looks out into the woods, dark and foggy. A cold breeze comes from the cracked door and snow blows in. There's a smell of death upon me, there's a cloud of darkness coming over me.

Why I Write

I write because it lets me be in my own world, and have no rules and can write anything that comes to my mind. I write because I feel like I'm in it and can change anything I want and delete things I don't want. I can use my imagination to create stories people will enjoy and love to read. I write because no one can tell me what not to do.


One day Jamie was walking through the park and as he was walking he felt as if someone was watching him. He tried to take his mind off of it and started to jog. As he was jogging he saw someone hidden in the shadows. Jamie starts to sprint faster and faster and as a shadow casts over him ;he turns around, but saw no one and nothing is there but a squirrel. As he sighs in relief he hears foot steps, one step after the other after the other he listens to it silently. Jamie gets up and starts tiptoeing towards his bike; as he’s unlocking his bike he hears something. A little screech like a swing, swinging back and fourth slowly. He doesn’t turn, too afraid to see what it or who it might be. Jamie gets onto his bike and starts peddling slowly, but starts going faster and faster by the minute cause of a shriek he heard, a silent yet eerie noise.


When I was reading this I can picture this in my mind, how sad and depressing it is it's not a bad thing). I like the way you use descriptive words to describe the feeling of the story.

 I like how you remember your dreams and can write it down, because I can’t remember any of my dreams. I think you should keep a dream journal and write down as many dreams as you can remember and one day create a book about one of them. These dreams/stories are very interesting

 I like the way you described how you feel and the way you said "Hearing the Whi
Hello Jack.
I agree that technology is very helpful and resourceful for student since our world is very technical now. I find classes more interesting and easier when your able to use technology to help you.