Monday, August 29, 2011

The One Word That Ruined My Life Forever

       Carla had a best friend at Summer Camp, that she would always tell secrets to. One day her best friend, Mary, asked what was her password to her Facebook account. They went to their secret hideout and Carla told Mary her password, and Mary told Carla hers. What Carla didn't know, is that Mary saw Carla with her ex and she got really upset and was planning to ruin her relationship and her life.
      When Carla logged on a few days after she told Mary her password, she (Carla) wasn't able to log on,  so she went on her other friends account. Carla went to her profile to see if anything was wrong, and she found a nude picture of her and an older girl together. She knew her life was over and with her relationship with Joe. From then on her life was different, no one talked to her, everyone laughed and talked behind her back, even tho she knew they were. Carla regrets telling Mary her password now, and will never make that mistake again.
      After the school year ended she moved to Minnesota and made a new friend named Kayla. They would always hangout every weekend and have basketball practice together. But she still is afraid to trust people with her secrets, which Kayla understands. A year after she met Kayla she is starting to trust people again, and tells Kayla why she has trust issues. What Carla found out is that just cause one best friend hurt you, doesn't mean someone else will. Carla and Kayla grew to become great friends and went to the same collage and became room mates.

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